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Obama’s New Advisory Whoop Ass Commission

Posted by madjillmom on June 9, 2010

Pres. Obama has a habit of appointing commissions and advisory boards. Whenever there is a big problem, he usually creates a group with a lot of fanfare that will advise him on said problem. After the fanfare passes, you never hear from them again. I am still waiting to hear the report from the first one he created, The Fiscal Responsibility Commission/Summitt, annoited around 2/09.

The new advisory committee, a group of experts in ______, will be meeting non-stop to give Obama a list of names so that our fiercely mad President can then apply his boot to their backside. Ass kicking starts at dawn on the Louisiana Gulf Coat as soon as he get finished with his basketball game, golf game, old rocker concert, and a date with his beautiful wife.

Summits are the most used tool of this administration. According to , here are a list of summits that have happened since BHO became the leader of the free world:

Nuclear Security Summit
National Summit of Rural America
2010 Womens Summit
Climate Adaptation Summit
G20 Summit
EU Summit
President’s Summit on Entrepreneurship
Engineering Academy Summit
Green Summit
Childhood Obesity Summit
Health Care Summit
Asian Carp Summit (only a request to have it from Granholm and another governor)
Anti Medicare Fraud Summit
Distracted Driving Summit
Military Families Summit
Climate Change Summit
Pittsburgh Summit
North American Leader’s Summit
Summit of the Americas
Progress for American Auto Communities Summit
H1N1 Summit
Moscow Summit
Parallel Business Summit – as opposed to Perpendicular Business Summit
Fiscal Responsibility Summit
Science Summit
NATO Summit
Update: Beer Summit (how could I have forgotten this teachable moment!!!)

This doesn’t count advisory committees and groups. It is really a wonder that the President has the time to shoot hoops, play golf, or laugh at Paul McCartney’s distasteful rant about Bush. Our President is amazing in his ability to manage his time.

I wonder if he is mad about that Stimulus Bill not working or the casualties that are rising in Afghanistan, or the fact that Health Care Reform won’t reduce costs? Maybe he could show some rage about the 13 trillion dollar debt we have. Should I tell him these are some more things he should be mad about?


2 Responses to “Obama’s New Advisory Whoop Ass Commission”

  1. Obama made an appearance in the 1993 Music Video Whoomp there it is by Tag Team, don’t believe me? Search for it on youtube its hilarious…He is the one playing dominoes and talking on the phone lol….Michelle the first lady comes right before he makes an appearance if you watch closely……Whoomp there it is!

  2. madjillmom said

    Saw the still picture. If it wasn’t him, he has a twin he doesn’t know about. Another great reason to have made him President. The real MTV president. Don’t worry about that experience running something big.

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