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Obama Requests Daily Briefing on Oil Spill

Posted by madjillmom on June 10, 2010

We have been told repeatedly that the Obama administration’s highest priority is taking care of the oil spill. However, we now find out that only today, over 50 days after the start of the spill, the President has requested daily briefings on the spill. That certainly shows that the administration is serious about this situation. On top of it since day one. Just not briefed daily until today.

I wonder if it took 50 days for the Obama campaign to deposit the contribution checks from BP executives? I think not.


One Response to “Obama Requests Daily Briefing on Oil Spill”

  1. Jeff said

    Wait a minute here, I thought that the Obama administration has been there from the beginning? I thought that Obama’s daughter was asking, “When are YOU going to stop the leak dad.”

    p.s. Mama, check out my post about Alvin Greene

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