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Oil Spill Intended and Unintended Consequences

Posted by madjillmom on June 10, 2010

1. The Obama Administration has repeatedly turned down offers of help and technology to stop and clean up the spill. Could it be that the administration doesn’t want things to go well so they can put a carbon tax on all US use?

2. Robt. Reich and Rosie O’Donnell call for the administration to seize the assets of BP. A democratic congressman calls for BP to suspend its dividend. All this causes people to sell their BP stock. Is the goal to bankrupt BP? If BP is bankrupt, we own it. Next step, consult Hugo Chavez on taking over the rest of the oil companies.

3. Talk down the stock, threaten new legislation retroactively to bill BP for all the spill costs instead of the liability that was in effect at the time of the occurence. Isn’t that unconstitutional? No big deal. Stock falls, China looks to buy. Who will be more responsible in their pursuit of oil? BP or China BP. China could care less about the environment. Beware what you cause.

4. I still believe the spill is being overplayed. Part of it is the 24 hour news cycle. There are no good number re: the amount being spilled. All previous predictions have proved not to be right. Take advantage of a crisis. Don’t mention the Ixtop spill or how the spills post war in Iraq were handled, mostly by nature. Cap and tax is more important than the environmental spill. Get that in as soon as you can while the nation is concerned about the situation and you still have a majority in the House and Senate.

5. In reaction to the administrations ineptness, start doing things to please the left. Just watch.


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