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Drug War Commercial

Posted by madjillmom on June 11, 2010

George Soros, Montell Williams, Sting and others are promoting an end to the war on drugs. I really do not have a dog in this fight. I can see both sides. The really stupid part of the commercial shows Sting telling us that he believes in the sovereignty of the person to make their own decisions. Doesn’t Soros and all believe that Obamacare can impose the purchase of health insurance on all Americans? What about those rights? I have the right to decide to use drugs, but not the right to not have health insurance?


4 Responses to “Drug War Commercial”

  1. Author from Canadian Free Press Jerry McConnell as an interesting perspective on Obamacare. Read from him here

  2. madjillmom said

    Read the article you referenced. It is good. Shame on the administration and Kathleen Sebelius for misleading medicare recipients.

  3. Jeff said

    I’ll take it one further.

    You have the right to have a partial-birth abortion, but no right to refuse health insurance?

    I like what Walter E. Williams said. He explained that “rights” are those things which can exist amongst everyone simultaneously. Take health care for example. Health care can’t be a right, because it would entitle you to part of someone’s life / time on earth. After all; health care is not administered by robots, it’s people who provide health care. So, in making health care a right, you have entitled yourself to part of someone’s life / time on earth.

    Free speech; on the other hand, the right to free speech IS a right because it doesn’t require anyone else to maintain it. Everyone can have free speech rights simultaneously without interaction with anyone else.

  4. madjillmom said

    Obama and crew think there are lots of “rights” they can “give” us. Somehow, the rich will shoulder all the responsibility. Until they run out of money. Then we are all dependent on the bloated government.

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