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BP, The President, Terrorism, and a Big Escrow Fund

Posted by madjillmom on June 14, 2010

The President used his pulpit this weekend to make a comparison of the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico to 9/11.

Yes, both of these things were terrible. Both impact many people. In 9/11, thousands died. In the BP catastrophe in the Gulf, 11 people died. The spill in the Gulf was not terrorism. It wasn’t even eco-terrorism. This was indeed a man-caused disaster. Can you see that, Janet Napolitano? It was quite probably negligence. We don’t have all the facts. The courts will decide this sometime in the future. It was an accident. No one at BP (or Haliburton or TransOcean) wanted this to happen. They are trying hard to fix it. I believe that they are trying hard in the face of animosity and ass-covering by the administration, to make people whole.  BP is not Bin Laden.

Now the Obama administration is demanding an escrow account be administered by other than BP to pay claims to those injured in this terrible time. OK. Should this happen? If the government oversees this fund, will we see lots of bogus claims and government credit cards used at Strip Clubs like we did after Katrina. Who will verify that claims are not fraudulent? The government that has been promising to stop the fraud at Medicare for years? How is that working out?

The liberals complain regularly that Bush used 9/11 to take away some of our freedoms. What is Obama doing with the Oil Spill? Carbon tax anyone? Retroactive laws anyone?

I know people are hurting. This stuff takes time. Claims will be paid. If they aren’t, further damages will be awarded. Interestingly, I went on the BP website for the spill. Claim forms come in three languages. English, Spanish, and Vietnamese. Why? If you are an illegal immigrant working at a gulf coast hotel, will the government demand you be paid wages lost?


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