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Sprinkling Bureaucrats on the Spill

Posted by madjillmom on June 16, 2010

Basically, Pres. Obama, orator of the century, is telling us that his only fix is a new level or bureaucrats and a few more committees. Wonder how much oil they will suck up?

Then about twice a day, another democrat or two advises him to confiscate BP or force the company not to pay a dividend. So what if this isn’t constitutional. Wait for the groundswell.

The AP fact checked the President’s speech. Not good for Obama.

Tax us all for innovation in the green energy movement. Throw confiscated money at various possibles. Make us pay through the nose. Kill off any anemic recovery. Do all this while China and India don’t stifle their economies and continue to pollute. Bring America to its knees. Why? What do they have to gain?

Confiscate an escrow fund from BP and turn it over to ACORN???? to administer? I don’t trust the Dems to not make that a political slush fund. Watcg who is put in charge of this boondoggle. Hold tight.

Way to go, Pres. Obama.

While we are concentrating on the oil spill, miss the bad news of the cost of Obamacare.


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