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Obama’s Record on Jobs

Posted by madjillmom on June 18, 2010

Saw last night that the government payrolls have grown by 400,000 people while the private sector has lost 2.6 million jobs. Wow. How is that stimulus working out for us. I believe these were Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers.

The dems still believe that more stimulus is necessary. More taxes, more government spending. Less revenue, Social Security in the red 5 years before projection. Good work, Mr. President.


2 Responses to “Obama’s Record on Jobs”

  1. datGurl! said

    so what would u have people do? we WORKED for those benefits and should be entitled to them. So if they cut it off, and there are no jobs, what next? More homeless and more people on welfare and Foodstamps. More crime…

    Obama cant go out and just tell people to hire people. BUSINESSes are the ones claiming they cant hire and have no jobs. And then with the repubs BLOCKING anything that he says and does (to get your reaction, maybe?) like this LATEST job bill, what then?

    No you lay this blame where it goes-at the feet of the Repubs and Conservs.

  2. madjillmom said

    Checked your site. See that you are a grown woman who cannot spell. Maybe it is just a California thing. Keep being the victim. It suits you well. Collecting checks is an art form in the bankrupt state of California. Whatcha’ gonna do when the money is all gone? Oh yeah, blame the Republicans.

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