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Obama’s Job Expiration Date

Posted by madjillmom on June 24, 2010

Does the President like being President? We know he likes the trappings…. Air Force One, Andrews Air Force Base Golf Course, Paul McCartney Concerts, Nobel Peace Prizes, etc. But is he getting bored? The big stuff isn’t fun. He is failing on a lot of the big stuff. The biggest thing he ever ran before being President was his campaign. Roger Simon has a good post about this. Check it out.

Obama has a history of not staying with anything for very long. About two years is the longest he did anything. For the last year of doing whatever, he was generally plotting his next move up. This is a sign of his ambition. But what does that mean now? He can’t be king of the world. So will he buckle down and stay with the Presidency? I believe we see evidence of a wavering interest in the real job of being the President. Speeches don’t win wars, plug leaking oil wells, or make health care cheaper or better. minimizing him is a good thing from my perspective. Too bad all the people around him aren’t getting bored too.


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