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Moratorium Vs. Capatalist CYA

Posted by madjillmom on June 26, 2010

The Obama administration and Sec. of the Interior have doubled down on a moratorium on offshore drilling (supposedly only on deep drilling), and the federal courts have pushed back. Remember when Obama said he would send out swat teams. That was the only thing he should have done. Send out inspection teams to review the hardware and drilling plans. The industry has a more than strong suspicion what caused and contributed to this disaster. They knew this within a few weeks of the spill. Do you think that the industry, knowing what was happening, was doing the same thing BP did, or planning on using the same techniques BP did? It would be suicide. Drilling operators and their Boards went into overdrive to make sure this won’t happen on their rigs. But Obama doesn’t understand this. He hasn’t ever worked in the private sector. He needs to shut down drilling to appease his left flank. He needs to pass Cap and Tax. He doesn’t care about jobs on the gulf coast. He wants the price of gasoline to go up. He wants you to drive less, pay more for your groceries, take the train, pay a carbon tax, and suffer.


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