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Honoring the Clansman – Robert Byrd Dead

Posted by madjillmom on June 28, 2010

I chanced upon a WSJ story about the University of Texas trying to decide whether to change the name of a dorm on campus . Turns out the dorm was named after a law professor that helped start the Clan in Florida. This university is nothing if not politically correct. But there is still actual debate about changing the name of the dorm. Erasing history is an argument against changing the name. Acknowledge the issue and teach about it. This seems reasonable to me.

As a coincidence, today Sen. Robert Byrd has died. He was a member of the Clan in West Virginia. I think he might have been a Grand Dragon of the Clan. It is part of his history. Now the Democrats and the Nation will necessarily pay homage to a Senator of 52 years. If a Republican mentions the Clan tie, he will be roasted as disrespectful. It is a part of Byrd’s history. He brought home the pork and was a one time leader of the Clan.

The Clan is a fact of life in the south.  Our family has its own ties to the clan.  I have seen them in our town, about 10 years ago.  It was an embarrassing display of pathetic people clinging to their foolish notions.


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  1. Honoring the Clansman ? Robert Byrd Dead…

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