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Trolling for Oil Spill Misery

Posted by madjillmom on July 5, 2010

I have been regularly doing searches about the oil spill and the claims process. As of my search today, I can say that there are a few things that pop up asking people to call CNN or other outlets if they have submitted a claim or have looked for a job helping with the spill. Further, now there are numerous law firms offering to “help” with claims.

Strangely, the is no independent site for the BP Escrow Account. Currently, there is only the BP branded site for submitting a claim. This is well after Ken Feinberg was chosen to head up the independent group to pay claims from the BP Escrow Account. Feinberg has been all over the TV talking about speeding up the claims process, yet there is no independent site for turning in the claim directly to them. People still have to go to a BP site. Since Ken Feinberg has done this sort of thing before, are claims going to be handled out of the offices listed on the BP site, or are the claims going to be handled by new or old people Feinberg brings in? Will the claims be handled by the group that handled the 9/11 compensation? No one thinks that the compensation for victims of 9/11 was swift.

Further, I am still waiting on the terrible pictures of beaches covered in ooze. There hasn’t been anything really gross in that area. They show lots of orange stuff in the gulf with flyover pictures, but there have only been mostly small areas of oil/tar balls on the beaches with crews of people with plastic bags and white jumpsuits. Fox is now reporting tarballs on the Texas Coast. Ping pong ball sized tarballs in the surf off Crystal Beach. I will bet you that there is a lot more garbage from 4th of July picnics than tarballs. Bet the workers dispatched to pick up tarballs aren’t allowed to pick up picnic garbage.


3 Responses to “Trolling for Oil Spill Misery”

  1. bondwooley said

    Obama told America that if we can win WWII and put a man on the moon, we can plug this leak and solve our dependency on fossil fuels.

    But there’s a missing piece: the soldiers in WWII had the Pentagon and Neil Armstrong had NASA. What’s the man on the street supposed to do to solve the fossil fuel problem? Is it time for an organized, funded effort?

    The following link is to a satirical video, but it underscores this issue in real terms.

    Link: You’re Soaking In It

  2. madjillmom said

    Are you saying the only way to do something big is to have a big government agency to organize it? Don’t think so, but appreciate your post. According to the White House, they are in charge of the oil spill efforts. It ain’t working.

  3. Trolling for Oil Spill Misery « Mama Bin Cranky…

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