Mama Bin Cranky

Screaming on the Inside

Lindsay Lohan in Jail

Posted by madjillmom on July 20, 2010

Hope she likes horizontal stripes. One of the downsides of watching news most of the time is days like this. Lindsay is off to the jailhouse for a short stint. How will I be able to finish the chores I have been doing with all my sad tears? I can feel a depressions sweeping my soul. Woe is me, or her…

Iran almost has the bomb. Obama is failing and succeeding way too much. The gulf is polluted in an ecological disaster. Our nation is in two wars. The congress is hurtling toward Cap and Trade and Immigration Reform whether we want it or not. Quick, look at the screen, see the vapid child star vamp for the fans at the courthouse door. Diversion is good.


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