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I am an Islamaphobe

Posted by madjillmom on August 24, 2010

Time asks the question and I have my answer.  I am an Islamaphobe.  I had some of it even before 9/11.  I have always felt irritated with a woman all covered in garb walking beside her husband dressed in shorts and tee-shirt.  That irritates me as a woman.  Why must she dress that way when he doesn’t have to.

Then there was 9/11.  At the time, I though I believed the 10% are bad extremist Muslims, the rest are peace-loving.  They pervert the religion that is peaceful.  Now, I believe the opposite is true.  I think there are precious few good Muslims.  I feel this every time I see a spokesman from the Council on American Islamic Relations or a moderate Imam traveling on the taxpayer dole.  It usually takes little time for them to show us that they have more than moderate feelings about Islam.  Today, it is a woman who works at Disney and wants to wear Islamic headscarf.  The accommodation of a bonnet to wear isn’t enough.  Next, it will be girls serving at Hooters in a burka.   No dogs or alcohol in the taxis they drive.  Separate gyms at colleges.  On and on…  little by little…  or they post themselves on TV talking about our deep hatred of muslims the world over. I do not hate them, but I am weary of them.  If you wish to live under the laws of Islam, then move to a country that follows those precepts.

Pres. Obama is now having trouble with the perception of many that he is a Muslim.  He is far too deferential to Muslims.  I am sure it is because of his upbringing and his father.  He was also very comfortable for 20 years in a church that I would never have attended twice.

In the last few weeks, I have seen a guy on Fox who does appear to be the one that really is a moderate Muslim.  I really want him to be as he seems to me now, not like all the other people who reveal themselves to be less than moderate.


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Solving the Illegal Immigrant Problem

Posted by madjillmom on August 23, 2010

Per Drudge last week, if we divide the national debt, each citizen owes $44,000.  Drudge got the debt number as of 8/19/10.  It is 13 trillion plus.  So if you run the 44,000 number, you get about 302,508,613 citizens in the USA.  Now, if I take the ever popular 12 to 13 million figure used for the amount of hard working undocumented workers that the amnesty folks say we can’t send home and add it to the citizen population and then divide it into the debt, the new bill per citizen and illegal population is $42321 per person.  If presented with a bill, would they pay or leave of their own accord.

An amnesty program is a thorny thing.  Cutting in line isn’t good.  Using someone’s Social Security number is identity theft.  I would consider an amnesty program if there is a way to stop “anchor babies” in the future.  Plus we should naturally deport all criminals.

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State Department Imam

Posted by madjillmom on August 23, 2010

The State Department spokesman P. J. Crowley Imam Rauf is on his 4th trip (at taxpayer expense) as a participant in the Speakers Program within our State Department’s International Information Program.  The State Department says he is going to Mosques but not fundraising for the Ground Zero Mosque.  Maybe he can just leave a self-addressed stamped envelope behind at each one.  He will be speaking on local TV in Bahrain, the UAE, and Qatar.  The trip is said to cost $16,000.  That would be approximately $64,000 spent in an obvious promotion of religion by our government.  Have there been any Christians sent to Saudi Arabia or the other countries in the Middle East to ask for tolerance of Christian beliefs?  Wouldn’t the libs have a fit if this happened?  Maybe we could just send some Christian ministers to those countries to plead that they not kill Christians?

The Speakers program (per the State Department website) has 1300 travel or electronic events per year where “Best-selling authors, Supreme Court Justices, former Secretaries of State, and professional coaches and athletes meet directly with foreign publics through lectures, workshops and seminars to discuss American policies, society and culture”.  It is also said to include all religions.  I think I might send them a request to see who else they are sending around the world as ambassadors of Moderate Islam and Tolerance.

Do you think that while we are drowning in a sea of debt, we could cease sending out Imam’s and football coaches to other countries.  Further, the State Department translates 21 books from the US by buying the rights and translating them into other languages.  Maybe we could suspend these programs for a few years.  Save a few bucks.  After all, the President is all we really need to make the world love us.  Or so we were told.

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Social Security Scare

Posted by madjillmom on August 16, 2010

Over the last few days, I have begun to see the Dems talking about Republicans wanting to privatize Social Security.  I believe there is no Republican currently even speaking on Social Security. The Dems are using the 75th birthday of Social Security to scare the elderly into worrying about the Republicans plan for Social Security.  Since Obamacare sent them away, the Dems need to use Social Security scare tactics to herd them back into the corral.

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AARP Commercials

Posted by madjillmom on August 15, 2010

I will never join AARP.

Their new commercials push just how great a life you can have if you belong to AARP.

Pet Peeve:  They send me solicitations to join that leave the impression that I have joined already.  It is deceiving.  They shouldn’t operate like this.

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Obama and the Ground Zero Mosque

Posted by madjillmom on August 15, 2010

Obama is trying to scrape the Ground Zero Mosque situation off his loafers.  He just couldn’t help himself and stepped right in it while hosting a Ramadan dinner.  Islam is great is his default.

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Obama’s Fabulous Gulf Vacation

Posted by madjillmom on August 15, 2010

Twenty seven hours of photo ops with the First Family having fun on in Florida is supposed to correct the pictures taken in Spain while Michele took her real vacation.  Putt Putt golf takes the place of real golf.  Project as just regular folks.  Look at us have fun just like everyone else.  Let the serfs come to the gulf coast and vacation if they can scrape together a few extra bucks in this summer of recovery.  Quick, get it done so we can go back to Martha’s Vineyard and rub elbows with our kind.

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Summer of Recovery

Posted by madjillmom on August 6, 2010

Sheriff Joe and President O are spending quite a bit of time this summer telling us all that we are recovered.  Just remember to watch the nice speeches and events, but do not look at the numbers.  This recovery is anemic at best at this time.

Another of Obama’s economic advisers has given notice.  Christina Romer wants to wing it back to academia where her theories don’t face reality.  Plus, she needs to get back to that job before the higher education bubble bursts and she is in the unemployment lines with everyone else.

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August Fever

Posted by madjillmom on August 1, 2010

Thus begins the dog days of summer.  I am firmly convinced that I have the summertime equivalent of Seasonal Affected Disorder.  I am sure that my case is similar in nature to the cabin fever that those in the north suffer from in mid-January when it seems that spring will never come.  I want to hibernate until the first cool front.

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