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Summer of Recovery

Posted by madjillmom on August 6, 2010

Sheriff Joe and President O are spending quite a bit of time this summer telling us all that we are recovered.  Just remember to watch the nice speeches and events, but do not look at the numbers.  This recovery is anemic at best at this time.

Another of Obama’s economic advisers has given notice.  Christina Romer wants to wing it back to academia where her theories don’t face reality.  Plus, she needs to get back to that job before the higher education bubble bursts and she is in the unemployment lines with everyone else.


2 Responses to “Summer of Recovery”

  1. Kay said

    As anemic as this recovery is it is hard to understand the proliferartion of vampires in books. We are living in a bloodless recovery.

  2. Jeff said

    These “economists” that the administration brought in are goofy. They remind me of all of the people who say, “communism is the perfect form of government”. You can argue just about anything, but when reality sets in it’s a whole different picture!

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