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State Department Imam

Posted by madjillmom on August 23, 2010

The State Department spokesman P. J. Crowley Imam Rauf is on his 4th trip (at taxpayer expense) as a participant in the Speakers Program within our State Department’s International Information Program.  The State Department says he is going to Mosques but not fundraising for the Ground Zero Mosque.  Maybe he can just leave a self-addressed stamped envelope behind at each one.  He will be speaking on local TV in Bahrain, the UAE, and Qatar.  The trip is said to cost $16,000.  That would be approximately $64,000 spent in an obvious promotion of religion by our government.  Have there been any Christians sent to Saudi Arabia or the other countries in the Middle East to ask for tolerance of Christian beliefs?  Wouldn’t the libs have a fit if this happened?  Maybe we could just send some Christian ministers to those countries to plead that they not kill Christians?

The Speakers program (per the State Department website) has 1300 travel or electronic events per year where “Best-selling authors, Supreme Court Justices, former Secretaries of State, and professional coaches and athletes meet directly with foreign publics through lectures, workshops and seminars to discuss American policies, society and culture”.  It is also said to include all religions.  I think I might send them a request to see who else they are sending around the world as ambassadors of Moderate Islam and Tolerance.

Do you think that while we are drowning in a sea of debt, we could cease sending out Imam’s and football coaches to other countries.  Further, the State Department translates 21 books from the US by buying the rights and translating them into other languages.  Maybe we could suspend these programs for a few years.  Save a few bucks.  After all, the President is all we really need to make the world love us.  Or so we were told.


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