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Screaming on the Inside

It is the Summer of Mission Accomplished, Stupid

Posted by madjillmom on September 3, 2010

Today, the President hastily called all his advisers in from the Summer of Recovery Frequent Vacations to stand beside him in the Rose Garden to fuss about the Republicans and promise something for next week in the way of a new plan to fix what he has spent a good portion of the summer telling us is fixed.  Thank goodness.  Of course, they can’t tell us what they are going to do next week.  Quick, everybody, the stimulus didn’t really work very well so what to we do now?  They really have been busy this summer going from place to place, vacation to vacation, touting the Summer of Recovery to anyone who would listen.  Just one problem, it doesn’t feel like a recovery.   But now we can be assured that Obama is once again making jobs his highest priority (just a smidge behind the real priority of trying to save the Dem’s ass in November). If Bush drove us into the ditch, Obama certainly hasn’t had any luck in getting us back on the road.


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