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Lady GAGA, Military Expert

Posted by madjillmom on September 20, 2010

I remain conflicted about the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy of the military.  Now, I have a screaming Lady GaGa to guide my conscience and the lives of the military.  She tells those in the military who don’t want to defend the right of gays to serve openly in the military, to get the hell out.  I guess she is a little unclear on that time commitment that those in the military have to go by.  Since she is obviously an expert on the military, perhaps we should call her General GaGa.

I can’t wait to see the new recruiting poster featuring Lady GaGa.  She’ll have long lines of people rushing the recruiting stations for a chance to be all that they can be outside of the closet.


One Response to “Lady GAGA, Military Expert”

  1. Jeff said

    People like Lady GaGa are a joke. When you make your career being “dirty” and portraying a carefree lifestyle; don’t attempt to become all of a sudden serious.

    Comedians get more respect, because at least they are honest about why they say and do things.

    Gays in the military are a touchy subject because it will undoubtedly become a new crutch for people to advance themselves and become “untouchable”. It will create a new underclass that cannot be discriminated against. Discrimination in the military is a joke anyway, because discrimination is inherent in a military environment. Leaving the policy the way it is would probably be the best choice. Then military leaders are free to do what they feel is right regarding any particular situation.

    Progressives will never learn.

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