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Democratic National Committee’s Sweetheart Loan

Posted by madjillmom on October 27, 2010

The Democratic National Committee has received a loan from the Bank of America with no real collateral.  I can’t get a loan, you probably would have to have some serious collateral for a loan, and the people who want to buy your house can’t get a loan.  But somehow, the DNC can run short of money and get a humongous line of credit.  Read this article from Pajamas Media to get the low down on what happens when you’re really special like the DNC.  Makes me see RED.  If you are a Bank of America shareholder, get ready to bend over.


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Juan Williams and NPR

Posted by madjillmom on October 21, 2010

NPR has fired Juan Williams for saying what most of us would say.  He basically said that he feels anxiety if he is on a plane with identifiable muslims (those in traditional dress).  CAIR, the most active “Muslims are Victims” group got into the mix and told NPR that Juan should be punished for what he said on The O’Reilly Factor. I think the left leaning NPR is caving to the pressure from Muslim groups who have been known to threaten anyone who says something against Islam or Muslims.  We wouldn’t want a bomb to be set off in the lobby of NPR.  I also think that the huge contribution from George Soros to hire more journalists to combat Fox is part of the mix here.

I really got my fixation on politics from listening to NPR.  This was well over 20 years ago and I could see it as a left biased entity.  NPR can now join MSNBC in the category of “totally in the pocket of the liberal left”.

I watch Juan Williams on Fox day after day.  I yell at him sometimes.  He has gotten the shaft on this deal.  I hope he sues NPR.  They have let other news analysts say outrageous things about conservatives for years with no dismissals.

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Odd Mail for Me

Posted by madjillmom on October 18, 2010

Today, I found two odd things in my mailbox.  The first was a Rolling Stone magazine with my name and address on it.  The next was an American Girl catalog with my name and address.  The databases are corrupted.  Abandon all hope!  Oh, wait, abandon all hope and change.

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We are Tribal Under Stress

Posted by madjillmom on October 14, 2010

Pres. Obama told an MTV stacked town hall today that people seem to get tribal when things are bad.  I guess so.  During the 2008 campaign, Obama talked about the Bitter Gun Clinging Religious Tribe.  After he was elected, he let us know about the Police Acting Stupidly Tribe.  Then there is that really awful Teabag Tribe.  Now, he says there is a tribe of Black People who he is fairly certain Don’t Watch Meet the Press.  Gosh, I am really impressed at his ability to find heretofore unknown tribes.  He should go to the Amazon jungle on his next vacation.  Go soon, please.

Oh, wait, I forgot about the Vestigial Reptilian Brain Tribe he recently told us about.   When you put these all down in a small space, the things Senate Candidate Christine O’Donnel has said do not seem very strange at all.

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Chilean Miners

Posted by madjillmom on October 14, 2010

A whole lot of things had to go extremely right to pull off the rescue of the 33 trapped miners.  Some in charge seemed to know to under promise and over deliver.  It is a great story.  I could have lived without seeing each and every one of the miners pulled forth from their earthen graves but that is the 24 hours news cycle.  Now I will await the made for TV movie and the 10 books that will tell us the “real story”.  Congratulations to everyone involved in the rescue.

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The Banks Vs. Congress

Posted by madjillmom on October 12, 2010

The Congress is deeply concerned that the greedy banks did not read the foreclosure documents and essentially robo-signed the forms.  The Dems are hoping that coming to the rescue of those not paying their mortgages will benefit them.  OMG, isn’t this what Congress did for Obamacare, Stimulus, and Financial Reform?  People in glass houses shouldn’t cast the first stone.

I await news that a family that has been faithfully paying the mortgage on their home has been cast out into the mean streets.  Good paperwork is an overriding concern, but not paying your mortgage should put you into foreclosure.  Those who pay their mortgage do not want to pay for others to live for free in a house they can’t afford.

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Strange Dog Behavior

Posted by madjillmom on October 9, 2010

One of our dogs, a dachshund named Belle, regularly eats her food and then comes to our bathroom and yelps.  After I open the shower door, she proceeds to lick the shower door track and a bit of the shower floor.  It isn’t for water, she has water.  I have always thought it must be some mineral or salt that she wants to clean her palate.  I guess weird people have weird dogs and at least one weird cat.

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President Obama’s MTV Town Hall

Posted by madjillmom on October 8, 2010

MTV is requesting young people to participate in the upcoming Town Hall.  To be considered, you have to send a picture and information about your political views.  I’m sure MTV will feature young conservatives with hard questions for the President.  Right.  Is there no end to the extreme coolness of our dear leader?

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Illegal Aliens

Posted by madjillmom on October 7, 2010

Meg Whitman’s former maid falsified her employment records and perpetrated ID theft.  She now complains that she worked at least 3 hours more per week and is suing Meg Whitman for around $6000.  She is also complaining that Whitman did not give her baby a gift when she was born.  Whitman paid her $23 per hour.  I would like a job that paid me $23 per hour for 15 hrs a week.  My guess is that the taxpayer’s of California paid for the birth of this woman’s baby who was granted citizenship upon birth. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano doesn’t know what will happen to Nicky Diaz.  She’ll get back to us on that.

Pres. Obama’s “aunt” (one of his father’s multiple wives?) was recently granted asylum.  She has lived in a housing project on the government dole for more than 5 years.  She has recently said that she took advantage of the system because America owes poor people these benefits and should grant her citizenship.  Now she is saying that those who follow Jesus owe this to the poor.

A friend who works in a nearby school district tells some stories of the abuse of the system by illegal immigrants.  The system is stacked in favor of the illegal immigrants.

Some mayors south of the border tell  US authorities to stop deporting criminal illegals back to Mexico because their crime rates are escalating.

An American on Falcon Lake is gunned down.  There is little cooperation from the Mexican authorities.  A UT student is killed in a Mexican border town.

Some citizens in Houston uncover fraudulent voter registrations in over 80% of 25,000 new registrations collected by a group with Obama ties.  Why file false registrations if you are not planning on actual voter fraud in an election? A Democrat uncovers large amount of fraud by Obama people in the 2008 election precincts in Texas and the documentary on the fraud is ignored by Obama and the press.  In a New York town, the feds decree that Hispanics have more than one vote in a local election to increase the probability of Hispanic representation.  So much for the one man, one vote principle.  Other Dems across the nation call for non citizens to have a vote in local elections.

Obama says nothing.  When Hillary says Mexico is where Columbia was 20 years ago, Obama says that is not so.

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