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Illegal Aliens

Posted by madjillmom on October 7, 2010

Meg Whitman’s former maid falsified her employment records and perpetrated ID theft.  She now complains that she worked at least 3 hours more per week and is suing Meg Whitman for around $6000.  She is also complaining that Whitman did not give her baby a gift when she was born.  Whitman paid her $23 per hour.  I would like a job that paid me $23 per hour for 15 hrs a week.  My guess is that the taxpayer’s of California paid for the birth of this woman’s baby who was granted citizenship upon birth. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano doesn’t know what will happen to Nicky Diaz.  She’ll get back to us on that.

Pres. Obama’s “aunt” (one of his father’s multiple wives?) was recently granted asylum.  She has lived in a housing project on the government dole for more than 5 years.  She has recently said that she took advantage of the system because America owes poor people these benefits and should grant her citizenship.  Now she is saying that those who follow Jesus owe this to the poor.

A friend who works in a nearby school district tells some stories of the abuse of the system by illegal immigrants.  The system is stacked in favor of the illegal immigrants.

Some mayors south of the border tell  US authorities to stop deporting criminal illegals back to Mexico because their crime rates are escalating.

An American on Falcon Lake is gunned down.  There is little cooperation from the Mexican authorities.  A UT student is killed in a Mexican border town.

Some citizens in Houston uncover fraudulent voter registrations in over 80% of 25,000 new registrations collected by a group with Obama ties.  Why file false registrations if you are not planning on actual voter fraud in an election? A Democrat uncovers large amount of fraud by Obama people in the 2008 election precincts in Texas and the documentary on the fraud is ignored by Obama and the press.  In a New York town, the feds decree that Hispanics have more than one vote in a local election to increase the probability of Hispanic representation.  So much for the one man, one vote principle.  Other Dems across the nation call for non citizens to have a vote in local elections.

Obama says nothing.  When Hillary says Mexico is where Columbia was 20 years ago, Obama says that is not so.


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