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Posted by madjillmom on November 17, 2010

I do not watch Dancing with the Stars.  I have seen probably 1 minute worth of clips on the news showing Bristol Palin over the last 6 weeks.  Of those clips, I can honestly say that the most recent clip showed a much improved Bristol.  I have seen earlier clips that show  her dancing way better than I ever could, though she wasn’t what I would call fluid. Evidently, the longer she goes, the crazier the Palin haters get.  That is a shame.  I was prodded to post this because of a great paragraph from Althouse.  Here it is:

“Maybe she will! Congratulations to the shy, unassuming teenager who didn’t particularly ask to be thrust into the spotlight 2 years ago, who went through an accidental pregnancy in front of millions of people (many of whom didn’t mind insulting her in any manner they found amusing), who didn’t hide herself away in shame, and who tried, again, in front of all of us, to dance. How many of the people who snipe at her, are too big of a pussy to dance anywhere, including on crowded dance floor at a local club?”

If you want to see the entire post regards Bristol, go here.


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