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Obama’s Book for Children

Posted by madjillmom on November 18, 2010

Since becoming President, Obama has repeatedly told us that various things have been his highest priority.  You know, health care reform, getting the car out of the ditch, lowering unemployment, beer summits, running two wars, picking up Nobel Peace Prizes, etc…  Someone with Lexis/Nexis access could tell us how many times he has said something is Job 1 for him.

Now we learn that Obama is fulfilling the contract he signed for $500,000 just before becoming President.  Somehow, he has had time while fixing the country to write a kid’s book.  Maybe he dictated it while on the golf course.  This man is truly amazing.  What is in the book  is  pretty interesting also.  I can’t think of any other President who has written a book during his term.  I think there many have been a Clinton book that was just a policy paper issued for boosting his re-election.  Children’s books have been the dominion of First Ladies.  Does Michele have a book contract?


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