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Oprah Winfrey Network

Posted by madjillmom on January 2, 2011

I am not a fan of Oprah Winfrey.  I thought she had value for about the first 10 years.  Then she became a religion of some kind.  Now she has a whole network to save us all.  I have tuned in.  A family is resolving their hoarding/clutter issues, their communication issues, and the deadly illness issue all on their front lawn surrounded by all their stuff.  Wow.  That certainly is taking it up a notch – crying and psychoanalysis on the front yard with cameras rolling.  I think  this could fix me.  Now if I can develop a terminal disease and kick up my clutter a few levels, I too can be saved by Oprah and her minions.

All the commercials so far seem to be enabling great things also.  Nissan Leaf, fabulous Diane Sawyer, Live to you true potential, and Oprah’s best friend’s show.  So far, there aren’t any beer commercials or weight loss products being shown.

Remember, don’t watch this network unless you are an Oprah hater such as myself.  (Hate really is too strong a word for my feelings for Oprah.)  If you step inside the network, you will be sucked into the cult, fed the KoolAid, and hunted down when you wake up from the unreality to the real world.  No one can escape.  I am not sure if there is deprogramming available for this new network yet.  Perhaps there is a employment opportunity there for me.

Now there is a program on call Miracle Detectives.  Will there be long lines in Chimayo, NM, seeking cure for illness and pain?  Maybe they should have just taken the man from the last show to this place to see if it might cure his leukemia.

Update:  I have watched almost an hour of this network and I can feel myself being sucked in.  Help me…  Please make it stop….  Oh, no!  This blog could be pro-Obama by the end of the week….


3 Responses to “Oprah Winfrey Network”

  1. GMR said

    My sister, Des, was featured in the story about Chimayo. You don’t have to believe. If we hadn’t seen it ourselves, we probably wouldn’t either. But we know what we saw, and I truly hope that there IS a long line at Chimayo, because at any given time, there are many in need of such a miracle.

  2. madjillmom said

    I apologize if I offended you in some way. I do believe in miracles, even specific places where miracles are made more possible. I am happy that your sister was helped by a miracle.

    My aggravation is Oprah. There has not been a phenomenon that she doesn’t advocate. She advocates another guru every week. It is an endless stream of experts/snake oil salesmen passing through Oprah’s elevated and wholely open mind. If your sister found out about Chimayo from Oprah, that is a good thing that Oprah has done. She might have gone to one of Oprah’s gurus and ended up in a crowded Indian sweat lodge where people ended up dead. Oprah is a person, with issues, just like most of us are. But she has been elevated to some height that is a religion of her own and I have issues with that.

    May God continue blessing you and your sister.

  3. Jeff said

    Yeah I agree with Madjillmom. It’s like never ending “wives tales” gossip. Oprah’s shows have always been that way. Where are all of the visitors to her show that come out of it pissed? How come everything is forever peachy?

    Too much (perceived) good is a bad thing. It causes people to loose touch with reality. There are supposed to be troubles in life. People forget that TV shows are produced…

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