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Tucson Murders Handwringing

Posted by madjillmom on January 12, 2011

Political rhetoric, political correctness, gun metaphors, toning it down.  OMG, the goofy smiling killer is at fault.  No one else.

Political rhetoric is essential to our system.  Speech is protected.  Get over this anal exam of who said what and whether it incited violence.

If there were signs, if the authorities knew of the suspicions of those around Jared Loughner, then let’s get to the bottom of what wasn’t done that could have been done.  Do not attempt to tamp down speech and debate in the name of a crazy man.

I just listened to a pundit accuse Sarah Palin of being late to the game.  He thinks all politicians have a responsibility to call for toning down the rhetoric.  Was that what Pres. Obama was doing when he call the big mouth sheriff who has non-stop called this tragedy the fault of talk radio, Sarah Palin, and the tea party?  Did the President ask this guy to stop the blame game?  I do not think so.  He praised this big mouth idiot who possibly knew of the erratic behavior of the killer and does not want us to know that.

Remember, if you can use a tragedy to assault your opponents, don’t let that go to waste.  Don’t wait for facts, just use anything you can to shoot down your enemies.  Yes, I said “shoot”.  Get over it.


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