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Valentine Presents

Posted by madjillmom on February 11, 2011

Things I Really Do Not Want for Valentine’s Day:

Any Pajamagrams but most especially the Hoodie Footie.  The sight of me head-to-toe in a fuzzy pink jumpsuit would scare any man with intentions away.  Somehow, I can’t quite see the combination of hysterical giggling combined with sweating a sexy notion.

Any Vermont Teddy Bear but most especially the Bear with a Hoodie Footie that would match the one I would have.  The whole notion of a grown woman in a hoodie footie with a dressed up teddy bear reeks of a man with issues related to pedophilia.  How can this be a good Valentine’s Day present?

The commercials for each of these products rank alongside the “Just for Men” commercials in my book for gross and creepy.


One Response to “Valentine Presents”

  1. Jeff said

    …but remember it has feet that zip off in-case you get too hot…! 😉

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