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Winning the Future for Obama

Posted by madjillmom on February 18, 2011

At Pres. Obama’s State of the Union speech last month he proposed new spending or “investment” to Win the Future.  Much was made of this WTF analogy.  Then he put out his budget with no real cuts and no real bold moves to help move the country into a sound fiscal position.  At his news conference on Tuesday, he again tried to tie this to Winning the Future.  I believe these ideas are a whole lot more about Winning Obama’s Future.

We are the first generation in a long time that has the strong notion that our children will not be able to do as well as we have.  The future is for our kids.  The debt of the federal government is strangling our kids’ futures.  The conservative/tea party/libertarians need to be all about Winning the Future for our Kids by cutting spending to the bone, cutting welfare and feel good programs, winning our wars, securing our borders, and putting us on a track to a good future for children and grandchildren.  BE BOLD.



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