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Wisconsin Whining

Posted by madjillmom on February 18, 2011

The Republicans have a majority and the governorship in Wisconsin.  They want to vote on the bill that will have government employees and teachers pay about 5% toward their pensions and 12% toward their health insurance.  The bill will no longer allow collective bargaining on benefits, but will allow collective bargaining on salaries.

This bill has caused the unions and the Obama’s Organizing for America (his campaign group funded by the Democratic National Committee) to go crazy with whining, protesting, littering, and lying by calling in “sick”.  In some cases, the teachers have brought students to protest for them, though it is pretty evident that they do not even know what they are protesting about.

The Democratic lawmakers have decided that because they do not like this bill, they will take their ball and go out of state.  They are duty bound to be at their post in the legislature but they do not like losing, so they left instead.  Pres. Obama has said that there just needs to be conversation and a little give and take, but evidently the Democrats in Wisconsin haven’t heard about the new civility that was supposed to be according to the powers from on high.

The teachers have a decent wage making around $50,000 per year.  This is about the same as the average wage in Wisconsin.  The difference comes in the benefits.  Government workers and teachers have benefits that are around $30,000 per year as opposed to the private sector having around 1/3 of that at $10,000 per year.  This is part of the problem.  The unions claim that they have given up wage increases to have the better benefits and that should be honored.  So apparently there argument is that they would be really better off the the average private sector worker, so they shouldn’t have to pay even less than the private sector pays for pensions and insurance.

On top of this, the teachers are staging sick outs and shutting down schools.  This puts a burden on parents.  The demonstrations and disruptions (all legal) are probably burdening the police.  The demonstrators are going to the governor’s street had to be closed so his kids would be safe going to school earlier today.  The teachers made the decision to disrupt their work to demonstrate, egged on by their unions.  The governor should demand that the days missed should be made up over however many weekends are needed to get caught up. If there is no compromise to be made, and the state is running out of money, start laying off government workers and teachers.

There are supposed to be some counter demonstrations tomorrow.  Probably Tea Party types that can’t just walk out on their jobs during the week.  I wonder if the government workers and teachers will be out tomorrow since they don’t have to call in sick?



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