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Japan Disaster

Posted by madjillmom on March 14, 2011

Perhaps Japan is best able to handle the horrible devastation that has befallen them.  The devastation and loss of life is horrible.  Compare and contrast the situation to Hurricane Katrina.  Two natural disasters and two different responses.  There are shortages reported in Japan.  The people affected are waiting patiently in line to receive aid.  There is no screaming, rioting, or looting reported.  There is no befouling of emergency shelters.  No people ranting at the reporters that Japanese rulers hate “yellow” people.  Not much public whining and crying though there must be so much pain and suffering and sacrifice.

I believe there is no real welfare culture in Japan.  No whole class of people used to their government providing for their every need and want.  My perception of Japan is an industrious people working hard to better themselves and their country.   I would think that there are a lot of people in Japan who aren’t happy about the official response, but they are probably stepping in and doing what they can instead of waiting for the government to come in and fix it.

If this disaster happens here, I don’t think things would be going so well.  I am also certain that there would be lots of hand-wringing and whining by a large group of people feeding at the government trough.  They will want to be saved rather than take steps to save themselves.  This doesn’t bode well.


One Response to “Japan Disaster”

  1. Jeff said

    Well said. There is nothing that anyone could add to that…

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