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Screaming on the Inside

Having Libya Both Ways

Posted by madjillmom on March 31, 2011

Which is it, Mr. President?

Altruistic Humanitarian Mission because we are such a great country or Turd Sandwich?

No Boots on the Ground or CIA sandals on the Ground?

Not going after Col. Madman or signing the paperwork to go after him?

It would be nice to have answers to these questions.  I doubt the press will ask.

If we are there to stop a genocide, can we do that with just enforcing the no fly zone.  A few days ago, Col. Madman’s forces were able to repeal the opposition forces without any problem without their Air Force. If the Madman’s ground forces are allowed to rout the opposition and that results in mass deaths of the opposition, what will we do?

I still do not really know how I feel about this whole exercise in unclear mission in Libya.  Still wondering if there really was a probability of mass killings when only a few news stories are backing this up.  The biggest news story supporting the intervention was the story about the woman who was raped and degraded at the hands of Col. Madman’s forces disappearing after telling her story in front of the press.  Also, if we need to cut the cost of government, is this one of the places we can cut.


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