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Tea Party Influence vs. Union Influence

Posted by madjillmom on March 31, 2011

Many Democrats are using talking points to try to convince us that the Republican party has undue influence by the angry mob of tea-partiers. God, I hope so.  The Dems look to harangue the Republicans for cutting spending in a draconian way while under the heel of the Tea Party movement.  At the same time, the press is questioning if the Tea Party movement has lost it’s steam.

If the question is who has too much influence with the political parties, I would love to see the Tea Party have undue influence on the Republican party.  Which undue influence is stronger and to what end is the influence?  The Tea Party wants less government and bigger cuts.  The Dems Union influence only wants more benefits for unions.  The unions (most particularly government employee unions) want everybody to fund their easy ride to high pensions way earlier than most who work for private industry.  They want government contracts at inflated prices for all unions.  They wanted Chrysler bondholders to get nothing while their union got huge chunks of the auto industry.

This argument is a winner for Republicans.


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