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Ungrateful Karzai

Posted by madjillmom on April 5, 2011

Last week, President Karzai gave a speech decrying the Koran burning by Rev. Terry in the US.  This was the match that ignited the mob in Afghanistan.  The Koran burning story hadn’t gotten too much press, so Karzai had to make a speech about it.  Then, because Muslim men have no self-control, the riots took place and UN humanitarian workers were murdered.

Somewhere along the way, Karzai told the United States Congress that he wants an apology from the Congress and the President.  Ungrateful little over-dressed bastard.  He evidently has no self-control nor class.  For some reason, our freedoms are a problem for him.  Evidently, we should have controlled the crazy Rev. and stopped the burning of the Koran.  Karzai wants us to control a nutty pastor in Florida.  Karzai has a lot of chutzpah demanding such apologies when he can’t even control his drug lord brother.  Sometimes, I have to question the blood and treasure spent in this war in Afghanistan.   Maybe we should pull out and let the barbarians kill each other.

Now, Harry Reid and Lindsey Graham want to take away some of my rights to soothe the savage beast the is Islam up in arms over the burning of a Koran.  It makes me mad.  I can’t draw Mohammed, can’t burn a Koran because someone in the Islamic world will cut off someone’s head.


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