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Ungrateful Libyan Rebels

Posted by madjillmom on April 5, 2011

Rebel spokesmen says that the UN is part of the problem.  They aren’t doing enough to grease the skids to their overthrow of Col. Mo.  I guess the spokesman didn’t get the memo about it being only a no-fly zone.  It isn’t a no gun zone, or no Col. Mo mercenary zone.  The rebels are an unknown quantity who can’t do the job without more help from the UN or Obama coalition.

I still question the whole premise of going in to help this group.  Col. Mo is a bad guy, but the rebels seem to have some dubious associations too.  Yesterday and today, we are told that Col. Mo is killing civilians and rebels in another city.  Yet still, there isn’t any video of bodies piling up coming into the western press.  Even Geraldo hasn’t stumbled across any mass graves.  He was able to find the funeral of the rebels killed by a UN airstrike.   The only real video coming out of these places is usually the inept rebels shooting into the air in celebration.  Why do they do this?  Remember, we went in to avoid a humanitarian nightmare.  I still question if it ever was going to be this.



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