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A Way to Tax Reform

Posted by madjillmom on April 6, 2011

Our friend, Rex Beverly, has an idea that would result in tax reform.   I think it is a great idea.  He believes the way to really get to tax reform is an amendment to the Constitution.  Here is his amendment.

In honor of April 15 Tax Day, I humbly offer an amendment to the US Constitution.

Henceforth all US Representatives and Senators (US congressmen) will be required to do their own personal taxes in a pre-designated secure US government building.  Congressmen are forbidden to have accountants, aids, lawyers, family members, computers, cell phones, land line phones, consultants or other assistance of any type at the tax preparation site. Each congressman is allowed during tax preparation only blank paper, pencils, pencil sharpener, erasers, pens, four function calculator, extra batteries and their personal tax documents.  Congressmen may leave the tax preparation site but all materials used in the tax preparation must remain at the site until their taxes are completed and signed.  To reduce the supervision load Congressmen must prepare their taxes in groups with a minimum group size of 5 and a maximum group size of 15.  As a congressman’s time is precious IRS agents will stand at the ready with complete sets of US tax forms and publications.  IRS agents are not permitted to explain any IRS documents or answer questions.  Answers to questions are found in the written IRS publications and directions.  Each group is to be supervised for 100% of their preparation site time by a US Court Justice.  Said supervising Justice must sign each congressman’s return certifying to the best of his/her knowledge that said congressman did all of the tax preparation work at the preparation site and that said congressman followed the letter and spirit of this amendment.

I think we should all forward Rex’s proposed amendment to our Congressional Reps and Senators before Tax Day.  The tax code is more evidence showing how our government is out of control.  I am sending it now.  Cut and paste and make a statement.



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