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Thoughts on the Budget

Posted by madjillmom on April 8, 2011

Compromise is what has gotten us where we are now, barreling down the road to bankruptcy.  In a better economy without so much debt, this might be the order of the day.  I do not think we can afford it now.

One of the best arguments against the Dems is that discretionary spending has grown 83% in the last three years.  Dems won’t even consider going back to where the numbers were 3 years ago – pre-Stimulus and pre-TARP.

Can Obama afford any kind of shutdown.  With gas prices and housing prices doing a number on the economy, doesn’t he risk a double dip recession?

Last night, someone on Fox explained that Obama’s proposed 2012 budget would add an additional 9 billion in spending.  The Ryan proposal would cut 6 billion in spending.  That is a 15 billion dollar gap.  Wow.

Did the new number showing the Republican Prosser winning the Supreme Court seat in Wisconsin scare the Dems in this budget fight?

If you can’t cut 2% of discretionary funds (representing way less then 2 cents on the dollar) out of the next 6 months, how will you be able to make necessary cuts to the 2012 budget?

Pres. Clinton made a deal to make sure the military got paid during the last government shutdown.  He who loathed the military took care of them in peacetime.  Why isn’t Obama doing the same thing during a time of 2+ wars?  Is it because he wants to scare everyone with this issue?  The House has given him another Continuing Resolution that would fund the military for the rest of the fiscal year, but the Senate won’t approve it.  I have two kids who receive pay/stipends from the military, so I guess this is one of my oxen that may need to be gored.  They can both survive a shutdown, but many others in the military cannot survive without regular paychecks.

While this military pay situation is going on, Pres. Obama has sent Sec. Gates to Saudi Arabia to mend diplomatic fences.  Isn’t this Hillary’s job?

So many Dems won’t even acknowledge that we are on a path to bankruptcy.


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