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Obama Does a Do Over Budget

Posted by madjillmom on April 11, 2011

Earlier this year, Pres. Obama proposed a budget for 2012.  It contained no spending cuts, offered up more “investment”, ignored Obama’s own Deficit Commission recommendations, and did nothing to even touch the entitlement programs that will send us to our doom.  Obama would make some speeches that said we had to do something about those entitlements, but when it was time for him to lead, he just wanted to keep spending at the same rate he has for the last two years.  This would reflect an increase in discretionary spending at 80% above the 2008 rate.  Even some Dems questioned his leadership in this area.

Then the last two weeks happened.  Paul Ryan took an honest stab at fixing the problems.  He wasn’t instantly vaporized.  The Speaker Boehner won the game of government shutdown politics.  While the Dems were running around screaming that Republicans hate women, Boehner was winning.  Yes, it should have been more, but a win it was.

Now comes Obama with a new and improved budget proposal.  Likely it won’t be anything great, but make no doubt about it, he was forced to this position by Republicans and that racist Tea Party.  It will feature higher taxes and cuts in the military.  Whatever it does to Social Security and Welfare will be only minimal tweaks just so they can say they are doing something.  Obama’s do-over will be heavy on rhetoric and short on real changes that might take us in the right direction.

Republicans and Conservatives are winning this debate.

Quit whining and starve the Beast!!


2 Responses to “Obama Does a Do Over Budget”

  1. peakers82 said

    I can see your point about the President’s budget. I don’t think the White House expected spending to become this big of an issue. The budget is ridiculously complicated and the American people have generally ignored the budget debate. I disagree that Paul Ryan’s proposal was an honest attempt fix the deficit. Yes it cuts huge amounts of spending, but in an extremely partisan fashion and fails to actually balance the budget due in large parts to a huge cut to the highest tax brackets. If we want to balance the budget I’m good with that, but you saying we’re going to do it while reducing government revenue doesn’t make sense.

  2. madjillmom said

    If the WH didn’t know that spending was an issue, they are deaf, dumb, and blind. The Dem’s answer will be cut the military and raise taxes on the rich. The Ryan budget takes on lots of spending and makes adjustments to entitlement programs. If you raise taxes, you stifle revenue. All oxen have to be gored. The Dems favorite notion of tax the rich won’t reduce the spending by one cent. Let’s cut welfare to the bone. The war on poverty has not worked. Let’s cut tax rates. Let’s cut everything across the board. You look like a young man. Your future is at stake. Bigger and bigger government is not the answer.

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