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The Re-Namer in Chief

Posted by madjillmom on April 13, 2011

Barack aka Barry Obama likes to re-name things.  The “War on Terror” became “Overseas Contingency Operations”.  Airstrikes in Libya are “Kenetic Military Operations”.  Today, half of his answer to our horrible fiscal situation is now “spending reductions in our tax code” rather than that old fashioned Dem standard  “Tax the Rich”.  If in the past you made $250,000 you are now a millionaire.  Taxing the so-called rich at 100% will not fix our situation, Barry.

Increasing taxes on those making $250,000 a year will reduce income to the federal government and stall our already anemic jobless “recovery”.  Three months ago, President Barry had to agree to two more years of Bush tax cuts.  It only took 3 months for Barry to trot out the “tax the rich” meme to put the economy and planning back in the zone where businesses don’t hire because there is too much uncertainty out there.


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