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Unemployment Number Does Not Add Up

Posted by madjillmom on April 14, 2011

Over the last 6 months, the unemployment number has been edging down.  This makes for a great Dem talking point.  The number that is heading down is mythical.

Each week, we receive a number representing “new unemployment claims”.  This number represents the number of people who have lost their jobs and are now signing up for unemployment.  It is a hard number, not a guessing number.  For years, this number has been high.  For the last two months or so, the number is somewhere around 360,000 per week.  Dems like to tell us that this number has fallen from the 400,000s.  Ok, great.  The number is falling.  Four weeks of these numbers tell us that more than 1 million people lost their jobs for months on end and continuing.  As a matter of fact, the weekly numbers reversed and went up today.  So, conservatively 1 million people lost their job last month.

Then the monthly jobs report comes out.  Last month, the number was 219,000 or something in that range.  The Dem’s were elated.  My take on this is that 200,000+ people got jobs last month (not actual jobs counted, but a projection or mythical guesstimate) and 1 million people lost their jobs.  Yet somehow, the unemployment figures go down.

It is said that the economy needs to add at least 200,000 + jobs each month just to keep up with the population.

Just like President Barry’s ” I’m Trying to Run to Get Ahead of the Parade to Look Like a Leader” Budget speech yesterday, the numbers do not reflect any reality.


One Response to “Unemployment Number Does Not Add Up”

  1. sportsattitudes said

    It is fascinating to me the media continues to trot out the headline without the body…but perhaps in this day and age we really don’t have time for the detail. Aside from the folks falling off the alleged radar because they have given up or have had their benefits expire, we have those who are underemployed and in the long run potentially will run out of savings as income doesn’t balance revised expenses. Finally, the jobs being created are of the poverty wage variety to some extent. I think things are marginally improving in reality, but these jobs numbers that get tossed around are bogus.

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