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The Answer to Air Traffic Control Sleeping

Posted by madjillmom on April 17, 2011

All the scary news reports of Air Traffic Controllers sleeping on the night shifts.  People are resigning and there are task forces looking into things.  Sec. of Transportation Ray LaHood is running around threatening to hire more Air Traffic Controllers because the only answer to government doing things badly is to have more government workers.

My answer is to have each controller download a smartphone ap that requires putting in a code every 15 to 20 minutes during these shifts.  If the code isn’t input in a short time frame, robo calls go out to the two immediate supervisors of the air traffic controller.  Calls are made to airport security and the tower is checked to make sure someone is awake and doing their job.  Situation solved.  Too many calls on any one controller and they can be dealt with.

Yes, I am sure there could be a scary situation.  Let’s find a common sense solution and not hire a bunch more people to fall asleep on the job.


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