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We have Lost the War on Poverty

Posted by madjillmom on April 18, 2011

The United States government has had a war on poverty my entire life.  This war, however good intentioned, has helped to push us to the edge of bankruptcy.  Trillions of tax payer dollars have been funneled into all sorts of programs that did not exist when my grandparents were young.

Many have questionable records like Head Start.  This program was supposed to level the playing field and help minorities achieve better result.  It works, but only up to 3rd grade, then all benefits disappear.  But we still spend the money.  Buckets after buckets.  Welfare, food stamps, job training, Pell grants, urban renewal, an alphabet soup of programs and minimal results.  Welfare breeds more welfare with several generations of people remaining on the dole.  Food stamps don’t work because we are still told we have to give more because there are so many children starving.  We send too many young people off to college with no real results.  Detroit and New Orleans are the poster children of Urban Renewal.

The tide of poverty never subsides.  Cycles come and go, but poverty never goes away.  This is because it can’t be fixed with more money.  Cut all the programs.  We have lost the war on poverty and there is no more money to spend.


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