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Obama Loves Texas

Posted by madjillmom on April 20, 2011

A Dallas reporter interviewed Pres. Obama and the result was a visibly aggravated President. The President doesn’t often face real hard questions and his thin skin shows when he does.  The President did say that he loves Texas and is not writing it off for 2012.

I believe his plan for Texas and all the border states is to divide the populace by race.  He will be highlighting a theme of comprehensive immigration reform to the Hispanics.  Never mind that he didn’t pass anything when he had control of the House, Senate, and Presidency.

Obama has never sat in the waiting room chairs at the local clinic listening to the receptionist try to converse with the Spanish-speaking mother with sick children and a Medicaid card.  He hasn’t watched that same mother drive off in a newer and nicer car than I have later on.  Same with the line in the grocery store and a LoneStar foodstamp card.  How about if he was having day surgery in a nearby hospital and he was instructed to write a check to the hospital for his portion while all around him were Spanish-speaking families paying nothing for their kids’ ear tubes.  Does he carry uninsured motorists insurance on his vehicles because so many people living here and having driver’s licenses do not carry insurance on their cars no matter the laws of the state?

If Obama chooses to make immigration reform a big issue in a state like Texas, he may awaken simmering resentment among the actual citizens of this state.


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