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Pres. Obama and $4 Gallon Gas Part 2

Posted by madjillmom on April 20, 2011

Oh what a difference two weeks makes.   Remember when Pres. Obama told a goaded questioner that he would have to give up his SUV that gets 8 miles to the gallon and buy a hybrid.  It was an Obama “let them eat cake” moment.  That didn’t play well with the average guy, including the guy he was talking to who had 10 children.  Flash forward to today and a much hyped Facebook Town Hall.  Another Obama who looks a who lot like our President said he knows how high gas prices are hurting people.  He now knows that the people aren’t being wasteful driving SUVs that get 8 miles to the gallon.  This Obama even seems to know that not all people can buy a new hybrid car.  This Obama feels our pain.  Yada, yada, yada, wind, solar, alternate renewable energy is the only way out of our pain. Perhaps the unwashed masses  can afford wind powered and solar-powered SUVs because this new Obama doesn’t have any answers to the coming $5 gallon gas.  He was for it before he was against it.


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