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Obama Acknowledge Massive Inflation

Posted by madjillmom on April 21, 2011

Pres. Obama evidently has different numbers than the government Consumer Price Index.  The CPI shows very little inflation, mostly because food and fuel are not included in the silly calculation.   We all know that inflation is going up and up and evidently so does our President.  He has the answer – more money.

Since declaring his re-election campaign a few weeks ago, Obama has been hard on the campaign trail.  The campaign is already in overdrive to raise 1 billion in donations.  Remember just a few years back, when Obama blanketed the airwaves and funded his amazing campaign on a mere 700 million (a record at the time).  He was able to fight a primary against Hillary and Edwards, turn downed matching funds, and win with buckets of money from unions and foreign sources and the youth of America.  Now, people in the know feel it will take 1 billion to run for president.  And that is with no primary opponent. So my thought is that he is acknowledging a huge amount of inflation seen by us all but not recognized or acknowledged by the government magic formula.

I am also convinced that there are lots of people who would like to challenge Obama in the primary.  But they know there is no way to withstand the money blitz and the charges of racism for running to oust the first real black President.

Our President will be so very busy trying to snatch up every dollar he can, he really won’t have much time to help the country get out of this giant mess we are in.  At least it will be his last campaign.


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