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Donald Trump and Greasing the Skids for Obama and Bush

Posted by madjillmom on April 28, 2011

Remember when Dan Rather and all the MSM glommed onto all the stories about George Bush’s National Guard Service.  Dem. Ben Barnes told how he had helped get George a coveted slot in the National Guard.  Then Dan and others produced documents to show that Pres. Bush didn’t do well in the National Guard.  Of course, thosr papers blew up in Rather’s face because they were faked .  Most people felt the skids were greased for Pres. Bush in the Nat’l. Guard, that it wasn’t luck or ability that got him where he was.

Now, Donald Trump is asking about Obama’s college records.  Obama has not released his records from the three colleges he attended.  Trump wants to know how an average or below average student from Occidental College got into Columbia and then went onto Harvard Law School.   Remember, we did know George Bush’s college grades and his SAT score.  Those were used to tell us repeatedly that he was an idiot, a dunce, an incurious frat boy fool who never saw the inside of a library.  It was important to know those things.  The MSM wanted the information then.  Now, no one knows about Obama.  The right fringe does talk about rumors of radicals who helped Obama get into Harvard.  He hasn’t ever confirmed if there were scholarships or grants.  He has spoken of college loans that were hard to repay (until he became a millionaire).  The MSM press likes to tell us how smart Obama is.  If we were to find out that Obama had the skids greased by affirmative action or cronies in high places, would that reflect on his brilliance?  If he didn’t take advantage of programs for minorities, he would have been an idiot.  Remember how this was such an issue with Clarence Thomas.  He took advantage of the programs and he paid a price with the liberals.

This isn’t the issue that is most important to our time, but it does make me wonder what Obama doesn’t want us to know.  It won’t make one bit of difference with my kids’ futures, but it still sits out there as a question.  The MSM press was so intent on Obama being President.  They did not put him through the ringer and did not properly vet him.  Now he is running for President again.  Will it be done this time?  I won’t hold my breath.


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