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Obama’s Central Planning Committee

Posted by madjillmom on April 28, 2011

Pres. Obama and his administration are busy taking care of business.  The Central Planning Committee is indeed very, very busy.

  • The National Labor Relations Board (with two recess Obama appointees) is telling Boeing they cannot have a plant in a right to work state in the south.  The NLRB is doing the union’s bidding and stopping thousands of jobs from being created.  Are these some of the jobs that Obama wakes up thinking about every day?  Every major manufacturer should be screaming about this.
  •  Sec. of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius is trying to get a drug company CEO fired or this drug company cannot do business with Medicare and Medicaid.  This is after the drug company was fined millions and paid the fine.  The  arbitrary Obama Central Planning Committee said the CEO has to go.
  •  The Obama Central Planning Committee is considering making all government contractors disclose any independent political expenditures or contributions.  All government contractors should be loyal to the Central Planning Committee.  So what if the Supreme Court shot down the Citizens United case, the Central Planning Committee is stronger than the Supreme Court.
  •  The Central Planning Committee is trying to get a new passport application instituted.  Is this an effort to allow illegal aliens to be eligible for a passport?  Only the State Department and the Central Planning Committee knows, but isn’t telling.
  • The Central Planning Committee through the EPA has denied Shell air permits so Shell will abandon plans to drill near the Arctic circle.  They had already spent millions but the Central Planning Committee shut them down. The Central Planning Committee isn’t interested in lowering the price of gas and jobs.

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