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Screaming on the Inside

Al Jazeera and the UBL Compound

Posted by madjillmom on May 2, 2011

Ever so often during today’s coverage of the killing of UBL, there are films shown of the fires at the UBL compound.  In some, there is one large fire in front, and in others there are several spots of fire along the length of the compound.  Where did these pictures come from?  Were they from the retreating force or were they from Al Jazeera.  If it was Al Jazeera, how did they get there so fast?

The explanation of the fire is that the Navy Seals blew up the downed helicopter after escorting the women and children to the edge of the property.  The whole operation was about 40 minutes, so it seems quick for news footage of the fire in the compound.  Perhaps Al Jazeera knew exactly where Obama was.


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