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Foreign Aid with Strings Attached

Posted by madjillmom on May 2, 2011

Pakistan is complaining about the raid that killed UBL.  They feel it was a was a violation of their sovereignty.  OK, fair point.  I feel so sorry for them.  While they were out cashing the check from the American taxpayers, we went in and conducted a military raid that offed UBL.

You know how you get those checks in the mail, but if you deposit them there is some writing on the back of the check that starts a service or a contract so the money isn’t really free money.  That is what we need to do with foreign aid.  Slip a few paragraphs onto the check that tells the recipient country that if they harbor muslim jihadists or terrorists and they accept the aid, the US reserves the right to swoop in and do things like this.

Explain this to Pakistan so they understand that the BS they have been handing us for years is no longer acceptable.  In fact, explain there will be no more funds with strings attached until about twenty military and ISI guys are turned over to the US for aiding UBL while he lived and laughed in Pakistan for these many years.


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