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Pakistan and Obama

Posted by madjillmom on May 11, 2011

Obama was supposed to have special insight into Pockeestan.  He was a visitor in his college years when he went with a Pakistan friend to visit.  This was one of his bona fides on foreign affairs when he was running for President.  I don’t think this special relationship is working out.

Pakistan is advising Afghanistan to drop it’s  America ties and go with China.  Now, the Pakistani government is saying they will allow China access to the tail of the downed helicopter so they can reverse engineer it.  The current story is that it will go to the highest bidder.  I suggest we call the big guy in Pakistan and tell him they have 5 minutes to clear the area around the tail and then send in a cruise missile to make it a lot harder to reverse engineer.  Then refuse to send any more money to Pakistan. The Pakistanis already have their knickers in a knot, so why not another missile well placed.    Sorry for the unfortunate British reference, Pockeestan.  China probably needs another third world country to rule.

Just for a little trip down memory lane, John McCain visited other countries as well.  Most notably, Vietnam.  But he wasn’t site-seeing.


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  1. He further said that Pakistan could buy more modern missile technology from countries such as China and South Africa.

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