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Obama’s NLRB Boeing Issue

Posted by madjillmom on June 29, 2011

Pres. Obama was asked about excessive regulation and his Union loving NRLB assault on Boeing.  He gave a bit of song and dance about debt and burdensome regulations, and then gave lip service to safety issues which is an insinuation regarding manufacturing in the non-unionized South (read – if a redneck puts together your plane, is it safe?).  Then he said he can’t comment on the exact case and he doesn’t know enough about it anyway.  Then he spoke about plants being closed and people being laid off.  This is a lie.  No unionized plants are closing and no union members have been laid off.  In fact, more union people have been hired in Washington state.  So once again, Barack tell us he doesn’t know anything, but what he know is wrong.  He can stop this witch hunt by union sympathizers, but he won’t because they are his base.  What this says is he cares more about outdated unions than good jobs in the South.  Plus remember, he is the smartest President ever, so why can’t he get his facts straight?

As an aside, the press was way better about the questions this time, though Obama was his usual self while answering, verbose, partisan, and uninformed.


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Corporate Jets, Obama’s New Bogeyman

Posted by madjillmom on June 29, 2011

Pres. Obama has now run a new straw man up the flagpole.  With a backdrop of the ugliest curtains in the White House, he is now demonizing corporate jet tax breaks as well as his usual oil company scapegoats.  I suspect that those who produce those planes should now be updating their resumes.  Nice way to kill off an industry that exports to the rest of the world.  Talk about trade deals with the world out of one side of your mouth, then try to kill off an industry that exports.

Will this demonizing of jet owners reflect poorly on Claire McKaskill, Democratic Senator of Missouri who started a corporation with her husband, bought a jet, then charged the campaign for transport services for Claire.

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Greek Tourism

Posted by madjillmom on June 29, 2011

The Greek population seems to be in denial.  They demonstrate/riot because they still want their cushy lives on the government dole.  If I had to guess what the biggest industry was in Greece, I would guess that it is tourism.  I wonder what these scenes do for that industry?

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Spending My Way to Prosperity

Posted by madjillmom on June 27, 2011

I have been so stupid.  Pres. Obama has spoken and now I am much wiser.  I have been suffering under the notion that you should cut expenses and live within your means.  Not so, says my new financial adviser, Barack Obama.  Prosperity will be mine if I just increase my debt.  If I have time later this week, I think I should buy a second home, take out a home equity loan, book a round-the-world cruise courtesy of our credit card.  If I work hard, I will soon be rich in debt.  Why have I foolishly paid off debt in the last couple of years?  I guess we are chumps for living within our means. 

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Medal of Honor Mix-up

Posted by madjillmom on June 24, 2011

In one of his most important speeches this summer, before an audience of Army troops, Pres. Obama mixed up the recipients of men who he awarded the Medal of Honor.  He said the posthumous recipient was alive and the alive one was dead.  It was a pretty significant mistake for those mentioned.  If he was reading it, his speech writers  should be fired.  If he was speaking off his speech, he should be ashamed.

If this had been done by Bush or Palin, the news would have been headlines and all over the news, cited as proof of their stupidity.

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Terrorism and Mom Worry

Posted by madjillmom on June 24, 2011

Gosh, it is great to be a Mom with one kid in Afghanistan.  Then you watch the news last night and hear that some alleged terrorists wanted to kill people on the base where one of your other sons is currently training.  Other kid going to Londonistan soon.  Wonder if there will be something there to cause a bit of extra worry?

The worry never goes away.  It is great to be a Mom.

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Strategic Petroleum Reserves and Obama

Posted by madjillmom on June 23, 2011

There must be an emergency somewhere.  Has there been a hurricane, a terrorist act, a tsunami or something of the like that has left supplies of gasoline short?  Are there long lines at the service stations?

No, the only emergency we can all see is that Obama doesn’t want his poll numbers to go any lower as his campaign is concerned that if the numbers go lower, Obama may not be able to pull them up.

Pulling product from the reserves may result in a 10 cent drop in the price of gasoline for a little while.  This administration is clueless.

Isn’t global warming going to cause bad hurricanes that will disrupt the supply of gasoline to the corner MiniMart?

Drill, baby, Drill!  Frack, baby, Frack!

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Obama and the Afghanistan War

Posted by madjillmom on June 23, 2011

There are some reasons to leave Afghanistan.  There are some reasons to stay in Afghanistan.  Obama’s desire to be re-elected is not a good reason.

When Obama was campaigning, he latched onto the war in Afghanistan as his war of choice.  He did this because there were concerns that he wasn’t going to be tough enough on terrorism.  It took him several months to decide to surge troops into Afghanistan and even then, he halved the amount the Generals wanted.  Now he is starting to pull out the surge.  He apparently met with his generals for an hour and then decided to pull out twice as many troops this year as the Generals were comfortable with.  Ten thousand rather than 5 thousand.  Further, he announced to the Taliban and insurgents that the rest of the surge troops will be out by September, 2012.  Many people feel this will endanger the progress made by the surge. Once again, Obama made a speech without mentioning the word WIN.

I have done some research into where our oldest son is right now.  He is having a short deployment to Afghanistan in one of the Eastern provinces along the Pakistan border.   Western provinces have had insurgents dislodged and fixed as best can be done.  The plan was to go then to the Eastern provinces and do the same as well as put in some controls to keep Pakistani insurgents and bad guys from coming over and doing bad things.  Obama has looked into his crystal ball and feels this will be done by September 2012, which just happens to be 2 months before his possible re-election.

What a coincidence that NYC was on the way home from Ft. Drum to the White House.  This way he could stop in, do 3 campaign events (including a $35,000 a plate dinner), and go see his friend Whoopie in a Broadway play.  Amazing how convenient this was.  Huh?



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“What If Jews Had Taken the Palestinian Path?” WSJ 6/20

Posted by madjillmom on June 22, 2011

I read a great opinion piece in the 6/20 Wall Street Journal.  Written by Warren Kozak, it shows how the Jews would be if they had taken the same path as the Palestinians.  In 1945, the Jews were refugees displaced by Hitler and the war.  The Jews built their nation by hard work, created something from nothing but the land of their ancestral home.

“The U.N. offered the two-state solution that we hear so much about in 1947.  The problem then, and now, is that it was accepted by only one parts, Israel.” 

The Palestinians chose and continue to choose to be permanent refugees, living off welfare, nurturing extreme hate, exalting terrorism, constantly believing that the only real problem in the world is the existence of their next door neighbor, Israel.  This continues to play out, never-ending because of the choices of the Palestinians.  Kozak laments the generations of Palestinians who have wasted their lives and potential.  Years ago, I read about the difference in the hovels and trash of a Palestinian area compared to the nearby Israeli town or settlement.  Generations of Palestinians lost to hate and victimhood.  Very sad.  One group built a homeland, the other built nothing but hate.

Read this if you can get it.

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Dave Ramsey and the Nation’s Debt

Posted by madjillmom on June 14, 2011

I listen to a lot of talk radio.  Sometimes I listen to Dave Ramsey.  You hear some pretty amazing stories about people in debt up to way past their eyebrows.  By following Ramsey’s program, people with huge debt burdens are able to buckle down and pay off their debts. When you listen to Dave Ramsey, you get used to the phrase “beans and rice, rice and beans”.  This is code for scaling way back.  Then he wants you to stop using and cut up the credit cards.  You run on a cash basis with no increase in debt from this point.

The government has too many credit cards and it wants the credit card companies to raise their credit limit.  The nation’s debt is almost the same as the people who are helped by Dave Ramsey.  We need to cut up the cards and start paying down the debt.  Asking to raise the debt ceiling is asking to take on more debt.  If we are living above our means, getting more credit isn’t the answer.  Borrowing more would endanger the “full faith and credit” of the USA.  Our debt-holding overlords are getting nervous about our ability to pay our current debt.  The rating agencies are threatening our bond ratings.  Why borrow more money.  It will just bury us even deeper.

Remember when the drop dead date for financial catastrophe was May 8th.  If we didn’t pass the debt ceiling increase, default would kill the economy.  Now the date is sometime in August and there still is no agreement to cut spending.  If families can pay off crushing debt, the government can too.  This means no luxuries, only rice and beans, beans and rice.  Shrimp running on treadmills, monkeys smoking dope, helping to bail out Greece, free Hoveround chairs for Granny, and welfare for those able to work are like trips to an expensive restaurant on a high interest rate credit card we can’t pay.

I fail to see how taking on more debt is the answer to our problem.  Defaulting is not paying the bills.  Paying off debt isn’t fun, just fiscally responsible.  Perhaps Pres. Obama and the leaders of the House and Senate should sit through Financial Peace University.

Remember, Anthony’s weiner is still his and Sarah emails must be examined.

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