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Throwing Granny Off a Cliff

Posted by madjillmom on June 1, 2011

A liberal group recently got a lot of press regarding an ad showing a Paul Ryan look-alike pushing Granny in a wheelchair off a cliff.  This should be the counter ad to that one.

A pack of grandmothers and grandfathers wheeling about on their hover-round chairs on a college quad.  They should be swinging lassos and admiring the chairs they have for “nothing out of pocket”.  Then a senior yells “There they come!”.  All  the medicare posse advances toward a group of students and lassos them.

Next scene. A few cattle trailers being filled by the students.  The trailers should be named High Tax Future, Enslavement, and Granny Doesn’t Love You Anymore.

Pan out with a Grey Headed Mean Granny saying “That will teach you to mess with my Medicare.”

Medicare is going to have to change for us Baby Boomers.  It will have to be means tested.  I hate that.  It punishes those who did the right thing and saved for their retirement.  We cannot keep up this generational theft.  Our children and grandchildren cannot be robbed of their futures.  All government entitlement programs will have to be scaled back to only those in the greatest need.


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