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Dave Ramsey and the Nation’s Debt

Posted by madjillmom on June 14, 2011

I listen to a lot of talk radio.  Sometimes I listen to Dave Ramsey.  You hear some pretty amazing stories about people in debt up to way past their eyebrows.  By following Ramsey’s program, people with huge debt burdens are able to buckle down and pay off their debts. When you listen to Dave Ramsey, you get used to the phrase “beans and rice, rice and beans”.  This is code for scaling way back.  Then he wants you to stop using and cut up the credit cards.  You run on a cash basis with no increase in debt from this point.

The government has too many credit cards and it wants the credit card companies to raise their credit limit.  The nation’s debt is almost the same as the people who are helped by Dave Ramsey.  We need to cut up the cards and start paying down the debt.  Asking to raise the debt ceiling is asking to take on more debt.  If we are living above our means, getting more credit isn’t the answer.  Borrowing more would endanger the “full faith and credit” of the USA.  Our debt-holding overlords are getting nervous about our ability to pay our current debt.  The rating agencies are threatening our bond ratings.  Why borrow more money.  It will just bury us even deeper.

Remember when the drop dead date for financial catastrophe was May 8th.  If we didn’t pass the debt ceiling increase, default would kill the economy.  Now the date is sometime in August and there still is no agreement to cut spending.  If families can pay off crushing debt, the government can too.  This means no luxuries, only rice and beans, beans and rice.  Shrimp running on treadmills, monkeys smoking dope, helping to bail out Greece, free Hoveround chairs for Granny, and welfare for those able to work are like trips to an expensive restaurant on a high interest rate credit card we can’t pay.

I fail to see how taking on more debt is the answer to our problem.  Defaulting is not paying the bills.  Paying off debt isn’t fun, just fiscally responsible.  Perhaps Pres. Obama and the leaders of the House and Senate should sit through Financial Peace University.

Remember, Anthony’s weiner is still his and Sarah emails must be examined.


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