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Obama and the Afghanistan War

Posted by madjillmom on June 23, 2011

There are some reasons to leave Afghanistan.  There are some reasons to stay in Afghanistan.  Obama’s desire to be re-elected is not a good reason.

When Obama was campaigning, he latched onto the war in Afghanistan as his war of choice.  He did this because there were concerns that he wasn’t going to be tough enough on terrorism.  It took him several months to decide to surge troops into Afghanistan and even then, he halved the amount the Generals wanted.  Now he is starting to pull out the surge.  He apparently met with his generals for an hour and then decided to pull out twice as many troops this year as the Generals were comfortable with.  Ten thousand rather than 5 thousand.  Further, he announced to the Taliban and insurgents that the rest of the surge troops will be out by September, 2012.  Many people feel this will endanger the progress made by the surge. Once again, Obama made a speech without mentioning the word WIN.

I have done some research into where our oldest son is right now.  He is having a short deployment to Afghanistan in one of the Eastern provinces along the Pakistan border.   Western provinces have had insurgents dislodged and fixed as best can be done.  The plan was to go then to the Eastern provinces and do the same as well as put in some controls to keep Pakistani insurgents and bad guys from coming over and doing bad things.  Obama has looked into his crystal ball and feels this will be done by September 2012, which just happens to be 2 months before his possible re-election.

What a coincidence that NYC was on the way home from Ft. Drum to the White House.  This way he could stop in, do 3 campaign events (including a $35,000 a plate dinner), and go see his friend Whoopie in a Broadway play.  Amazing how convenient this was.  Huh?




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